How to Find Lost Relatives

How do you find lost relatives is something that professional people searchers get asked all the time. Here we outlines some ways for your to learn how to find lost relatives.

Losing Touch

Losing touch with family is usually something that just happens when you are busy making other plans. You don’t mean to lose touch with your cousin for example, you swapped addresses and had the best of intentions but over time you lost their address and then you moved and before you know it its ten years since you saw them, so, how do you find lost relatives? This site is all about finding people for free, it offers help and free advice to help you find the family you have lost touch with. Its the right place to find a person.

Long Lost Family

With the popular show long lost family proving that really can find anyone, is it time you started a search for your long lost family members?

There are several ways that you can find your lost relatives for free. You can start by looking through the phone book; you may just get lucky and locate your old relative in a matter of minutes. If you can’t find the phone book then you can now access it online regardless of where in the UK you are, this is your best starting point to find your lost relative. is an excellent website and is great for locating the telephone numbers of anyone with a particular surname in a particular area.

Find Lost Relatives

Another obvious thing to do is to ask around, can you speak to another relative and get their details that way? If this isn’t possible you might have to step the effort levels up a notch to find your lost relatives. You could try a simple electoral roll search and write to any matches that you come across. If your relative has moved to another area of the country or you don’t know where in the country they live, maybe you don’t even know their name anymore because they might have married, in this case you might need to consider using a people tracing expert to find lost relatives.

If you know that they still live in the same area, you can go to the local council and look at the full electoral register, if they are eligible to vote they will be on this list at their current address. At this stage you could also call in at the local library and have a look at their records to see if there is anything of use in there.  If you have still drawn a blank in regards to finding your lost relative it may be worth looking at some births, deaths and marriages registers, is it possible they got married or that your great aunt has sadly passed away, these things both happen so you need to look into both, if they have passed away you may have heard about it on the grapevine but if not then it is worth checking. We hope this has helped you learn how to find lost relatives.

Good luck with your search – we hope you find them soon. There are some further options regarding finding people for free on this site. This site is all about finding people for free, it offers help and free advice to help you find the people you have lost touch with. The right place to find a person.

We hope we have helped you to learn how to find lost relatives